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Our years of moving offices have given us a deep understanding of what is important to you when you are planning and implementing a move.  We have expertise in all facets and logistics of the process, including:

•    Disassembly and reassembly of furniture systems

•    File and document transfers

Electronic Specialists

You depend on technology to keep your business up and running. And we have the technical know-how to transfer your critical electronics efficiently and effectively. There’s no need to call in anyone else. For years, we have been successfully relocating computers, printers, servers, phones, and other critical equipment. From single desktops to multiple mainframes, we keep your technology safe and secure.


“No business interruptions” is the most common concern of our clients. And we plan your office move that way. Our first step is getting your permission to interview you and any key personnel to determine priorities. We also need your IT department’s input, along with blueprints and organization charts to establish the appropriate moving process that will lessen the impact on your organization Our team works with you to develop the most effective way to communicate with your employees about the move.

We provide one of our experienced moving specialists to coordinate your move from estimating through completion. Our moving specialists are non-commissioned, so they focus on the service rather than the sale.

Some crucial factors for assuring continuity are:

•    Timing

•    IT (technology/phones)

•    Experienced coordinator

•    Communication

•    Insurance/Building requirements

•    Protection of walls and floors

Cost Containment

Arrow’s estimating process allows you to identify the costs, necessary steps, and  critical issues that need to be addressed. We make your job easier by walking you through what could otherwise be an overwhelming process. In this way, you can rely on our experience to reduce the possibility of unanticipated expenses.  Our goal is to work with you to manage every step of the process with minimum stress and maximum efficiency.


Timing is critical. You need your technology and equipment up and running in your new location with the least amount of downtime. We know how to coordinate with all the trades involved in relocation, such as electricians and plumbers, and work with them in planning your move.  Equipment, machinery and the like require careful attention. We take every precaution to ensure your equipment is moved when and where you want it with as few problems as possible.  Our machinery specialists understand the nuances of dismantling and packing specific items and respect the expertise of your machinists. Coordination with your trade people is the critical component of a successful industrial move.


Even the thought of moving can create apprehension for anyone, especially when you are moving your home and managing your family at the same time.  There is so much for you to consider. Who does the packing? How do you pack? What will it cost? Who will disassemble and reassemble special items? Where do I start? Help!  That’s where we come in. We take the time to explain and plan the full process.  We know what it takes to pack and move your belongings to ensure a smooth transition for you and your family.  Our experienced and specially trained movers handle everything with care.  They are aware of your concern for your possessions and the anxiety that often accompanies a move.

Once you meet with us and create your plan, you will breathe easier. And you will understand why so many families trust Arrow to guide them in their move.

Your Move  No two moves are the same. But every move requires careful preparation.

From the very start, that’s how Arrow Transfer & Storage makes your move smoother and easier.

Easing Your Stress

We do our job so you can continue to do yours. Even though you’re moving, all your daily responsibilities still need your attention. We understand how stressful that can be. So you can rely on us to oversee and manage the entire moving process for you.

Setting the Date

The first part of the planning process is planning the last part.  We take time to schedule the best time for your move. For example, if you are expecting to move at the beginning or end of the month or during the summer, these are the busier times. Scheduling a date well in advance secures your place on our calendar.

Communicating with You

Our experience tells us that moving is a process subject to change.  The best of plans can be affected by closing dates, legal considerations, and personal needs. We know to expect the unexpected.  Clear and continuous communication is critical. You can rely on our staff to maintain contact with you on a regular basis and to be available to answer your questions and accommodate your needs.

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